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Unity Launcher (handle different projects & unity versions easily)

It was almost midnight, I wanted to open certain project with a specific unity version, just to check something before going to sleep.. but clicked the wrong icon (not the first time, got plenty of them on the desktop), waited that long unity boot-up time […]


Add Custom Explorer Context Menu Item for Opening a Folder as Project with Unity

You can add custom context menu items into Windows Explorer (more info), so you can create custom menu item that opens the current folder as a project in Unity. (it will still warn you about project version if its different) Example RegEdit file: *Note! you […]


Tropical Paradise Demo to Unity 4.0

Old Unity Island Demo Project To Unity 4.0 Download project from : *link seems to be broken ** new link: Unzip it Open project Upgrading.. Yes Fix now.. Yes Fix now.. Yes Open islands scene Can already see the scene in editor Play..cannot..errors […]


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