A* PathFinder 2D & 3D


Converted this pathfinder to Unity: “Another faster version of A* (2D+3D) in C#” (by Roy Triesscheijn)

That was amazing: 0 errors when dragged those c# files into unity Oo!

Just added those boxes and linerenderer to draw the path.. (main image is 20x20x20 grid with random cubes)
also removed diagonal movement for now..

http://unitycoder.com/upload/demos/AStarPathFinder3D/ (for some reason the linerenderer is not visible in webplayer..?)

Download source:

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  • Nice visualization, that was surely lacking in my tutorial. Glad to see it works so well in Unity.

    • Thanks! (uploaded the animated version now also)

  • This is fantastic, when will the source be uploaded?

    • I’ll try to add it next week..
      ps. it got quite “stabbed” on my quick test, so it would be just easier to download the original source and use that 🙂

  • Source added. (ps. Textures are missing from the package..assing some materials for the boxes and the linerenderer..)

  • OpenPath: A simple, automatic A* implementation (open source) :

  • How would you go about easily making the pathfinding need to be grounded but capable of climbing stairs and going under overhangs

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