WIP: 3ds Max to Unity Mesh(update#3)

Mesh transfer script from 3DS Max to Unity.
It converts 3DSMax mesh to unityscript (javascript), so you have full control over the mesh creation.

And whats the point of it? To avoid these:

Using this plugin you  get less vertices on your model (compared to fbx imported model).

UPDATE#3 (16.08.2011)
Beta version released in the forum:

Download max script/plugin: (tested on 3DsMax 2010 – 64bit)

*New: MaxScript Source (unencrypted) : 0.5eur

Installation: 3ds Max Script Installation/
– Copy “mMesh10.mse” to your 3ds Max scripts-folder (usually c:/program files/autodesk/3ds max 20xx/scripts/)
– Copy “” to your 3ds Max scripts-folder (usually c:/program files/autodesk/3ds max 20xx/scripts/)
– Run the script from 3DSMax menu: Maxscript / Run script… browse for the script, select “” and run it (this adds menu item)
– Now go to menu: Customize / Customise user interface..
– Go to “Toolbars” tab, Group: Main UI, Category: mMesh
– Drag the script from the cction list named “mMesh” to your toolbar (existing or create new)

– Select 1 object (try simple box 1st)
– Press mMesh button, if you created one, or select “Maxscript/Run script.. select:””
– It ask for folder to save the unityscript, put on desktop for now
– Open the saved text file, copy paste the source to Unity javascript file
– Attach the script to empty game object
– Run.. (pause and zoom into the object, if its not in view)

– If you find these scripts useful and especially if you use them for commercial probjects,
consider donating any amount to support future updates. Paypal donation button is there >

UPDATE#2 (old)
Test images:
(teapot from Max to Unity, vertices count comparision)

ORIGINAL Teapot in Max: 2082 vertices

fbx imported model in Unity (2308 vertices)

mMesh imported model un Unity (2082 vertices, using planar UV here)

UPDATE#1 (old)
Test results:

– Currently it can “export” standard Max box with 8 vertices, while fbx export makes it 24 vertices.
– Torus knot, fbx export/import: 442 vertices, mMesh export/import: 396 vertices (saved 10% of vertices)
– Side effect: Some limitations with textured UV maps (?)

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  • Hello please can you send me unencrypted mcr file? I want[ed] to extend it little more to also transfer mapping from 3ds Max. I can recode it myself but I’m in a rush right now.. 🙂 TY

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