UnityCoder – Unity3D Browser Toolbar

Free toolbar for Unity3D programmers!

Current features:
– Forum RSS feeds (Helps you to follow forum topics easily)
– Answers RSS feeds (Keep on eye for interesting answers)
– Unity3D twitter feed (Did you miss the last Unity3D contest? not anymore!)
– Links & resources (Need inspiration, help, prefabs? Categorised links)
– Custom site search (
– Your own email alerts (get email alerts right in the toolbar)

And much more to come!

Download now:
(windows, mac, linux)
Comment below, if you have any feature requests!

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  • Update:
    – Many useful links added (related to game programming)

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  • This toolbar don’t work on my Google Chrome (23.0.1271.97). I installed it but I still do not have access to assets.

    • Problem seems to be that if the link opens in a new window,
      it doesnt have the toolbar enabled right away..
      (download seems to work with chrome,
      if you manually copy the download link
      paste url, then press enter (to load the url)
      press esc to stop page loading, then toolbar is visible (part of the page has loaded)
      then press refresh page to download..)

      Have to try to fix that soon.

      • Same here,
        Can’t download your particle-cloud source! D:

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