Install & Run Unity in Linux Terminal

see latest releases here:


– Login to ssh terminal (i’m using Ubuntu-14.04.1-LTS-64bit)
– download package (i took 5.5.3):


– install:

sudo dpkg -i unity-editor_amd64-5.5.3xf1Linux.deb

– missing dependencies, help!
– try:

sudo apt-get -f install

– try:

sudo apt-get update

– try:

sudo apt-get upgrade -f

– try install again:

sudo dpkg -i unity-editor_amd64-5.5.3xf1Linux.deb

– if finished successfully, see where it installed:

dpkg --contents unity-editor_amd64-5.5.3xf1Linux.deb

– looks like install folder is: /opt/Unity/Editor/


– Go to the folder:

cd /opt/Unity/Editor/

– try running it:

./Unity -nographics -batchmode -force-free -quit

– view editor log to confirm it runs:

cat ~/.config/unity3d/Editor.log

– looks like requires username or activation..
– “Failed to activate/update license. Missing or bad username and password. Please try again using valid credentials or contact”
– try running with username:

./Unity -nographics -batchmode -force-free -username ***** -password ***** -quit

– “Failed to activate/update license. Timeout occured while trying to update license. Please try again later or contact”
– maybe its this?
– run without batchmode:

./Unity -nographics-force-free -username ***** -password ***** -quit

– seems to work! (log looks fine)*

Next steps.. test with real project and some batch script.


actually still gives that license error if -batchmode parameters is given..
This might fix, it, but requires starting it manually..

some info also,


– Unity Commandline parameters:

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