The Return Of The Fake Vertex Shadow

Yay..more realtime fake shadows, using similar technique like this old fake vertex shadows test

– VertexLit shader with texture
– Linecast each vertex towards light, if we can reach light, then lets shine, otherwise stay dark..
– In the webplayer, 15 vertices are scanned per update loop, per wall object.. (it works with just 1 scan per loop also, just slower to update if objects are moving..)
– small exp2 fog added, to give some depth to the room..

– bounced lights? multiple lights? colored lights/shadows?
– smoother shadows, take average color from neighbour vertices?
– instead of scanning from each vertex, scan from middle of each triangle?
– optimize, if nothing has moved, dont scan..?
– semi-transparent/colored windows?
– use highres box/walls?


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