UI Scroll View automatic Content height

“Hidden” inside the docs ( http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/HOWTO-UIFitContentSize.html ) you can find details how to make UI ScrollView content to have automatic size based on the child objects. Here’s images how to use it:

– Add “Vertical Layout Group” and “Content Size Fitter” components to the Content gameobject,
– Set “Vertical Fit: Preferred Size” Now your scroll bar will stretch to correct size


– Then your Text gameobject will also have automatic height (enter any amount of text, even if Text “Vertical Overflow” is set to “Truncate”)


*Note: If the Scroll View cannot be scrolled (as if its locked), then add UI/EventSystem to your scene (it was missing on those screenshots)

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  • It helped me a lot! Thanks! I just found out your blog and Im starting to dig in! Lots of cool stuff. If I have any question about your posts are you willing to answer them? 😛 Cheers!

    • Hi, yes of course, if can (but if its some generic unity question better ask in unity forums, will get more answers there)

  • that took me forever, thanks alot

  • Great!
    Worked but I had to activate “Child Control Size Width + Height” that it worked!

  • very helpful, thanks

  • still perfect , thx !

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