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I’ve started to update & maintain this Tom’s Terrain Tool’s package (as the original owner is busy and he was looking for someone to continue working on this).

It’s basically a tool for using splatmaps (externally generated) to generate terrains inside unity (with trees, roads etc).

So, from now on, feel free to send any requests, feedback to me (in this blog post or in the forum thread).

Asset store:!/content/64852?aid=1101lGti

Forum thread:

Original documentation:

Feature requests / ideas:
– Add heigthmap/splatmap flip option for AutoMagic (otherwise WorldMachine terrain is flipped inside Unity)
– Add validation for Automagic splatmap (needs to have #-##### number & “-” in the filename)
– Update WorldMachine export tutorial (include world machine data file)
– Add more free terrain samples
– Update for 4.3 (done 2.4)
– Add parent folder for random object distribution (done 2.4)
– Read WorldMachine .r16 files (instead of .raw extension only)
– Basic splatmap/heightmap generator? (would be nice for quick testing)
– Add webplayer demos of automagic generated levels
– Make nicer user interface
– feel free to send ideas/requests..

Image#2: Current user interface


Image#3: From one of the sample scenes included



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