[Asset Store] Terrain Rotator


Small editor plugin to rotate terrain data (not the actual terrain object, it cannot be rotated).

Asset store:!/content/21303?aid=1101lGti

Ideas / Feature requests:
– Include terrain scaling tool
– Lightmap rotation
– Terrain flip/mirrot

Video/Screen capture:
(coming later..)

You never need this plugin normally! (unless you want to fix some old terrain, which happens to be designed in a wrong angle, without redoing it completely)

Check the PDF below for features & limitations.

Documentation (pdf):

*Feel free to request / suggest features!


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  • Its now available in asset store:!/content/21303

  • I was just about to write a terrain rotation script for a project I am working on and decided to see if someone already did the work for me. I will most likely be using your script instead, however I have a few questions…

    In order to keep my project footprint small, I want to generate rotated versions of terrain at runtime (90, 180 and 270 degree). Would it be difficult to get to the rotation function in your scripts at runtime and avoid the editor stuff?

    You mentioned mirror was not yet included but you tested 90, 180 etc… rotations and found them to be lossless. Did you ever get around to including this in the latest version? (I’d like my 90, 180 and 270 rotations to be lossless.)


    Chris R.

    • i emailed you a free coupon for this plugin, so you can test it out (since this package hasnt had any recent updates..). Also haven’t added mirroring yet, but it should be easy to add (flip texture or the array)..

  • Thanks for this great plugin. I quickly managed to extract the code in order to use it at runtime when rotating blocks of 90, 180 or 270 degrees. I can confirm the rotation is lossless for these values. For info, I have a 44,436 kb data file of a 100*100 terrain and it takes approximately 1.15s to rotate in runtime. Thanks again!

    • Nice! feel free to post the code anywhere if you want to, as few users have been asking for it..

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