RAIN{indie} AI: Simple Waypoints Tutorial (1)


Made a small tutorial pdf while testing RAIN{indie} AI system. (its free and works with unity indie!)
Going to try to implement it on the perlin dungeons later and have to try rest of the features too (like navmesh).

Goal of the tutorial was to get your monster to follow (go towards) given object, which is behind the wall.
And not a single line of code had to be written!

Download Tutorial (PDF):
RAIN AI – basic waypoints movement 1.pdf

(results of the tutorial)

Check this powerpoint file also (info about waypoints/AI)
Artificial Intelligence in Game Design (powerpoint)

Feel free to send comments here, if you find some errors or a way of doing things easier etc.
Also there are many settings to adjust the AI movement, right now everything is at defaults..

Image#2: NavMesh created for dungeon
– That was easy, use Recast object to create navmesh
– Select either Recast option: Use Distance (remember to set it big enough so it scans your whole level)
– Or, Recast option: Use recast object, then assign your floor as recast object and navmesh is created from it


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