Unity Optimization Tips

Making a new post here just to collect Unity Optimization tips (usually not mentioned in docs..)

Feel free to post any tips / links to tips into the comment section also.


OPTIMIZATION TIPS (Not in any order & not all are confirmed to work)

– Its better to use Awake() than Start(). Uses less resources *Source: some univ. unity teacher said unity had said so..


General performance tips (meshes, lighting, textures, audio, physics, shaders, scripting)
Unite 2013: Optimizing Games for Mobile Platforms (pdf)
Optimizing graphics performance (draw calls, geometry, materials, shaders, checklist to make your game faster)
Optimization Techniques (Update time, saving memory on textures/meshes)
Practical guide to optimization for mobiles
Best Practices (cache references, pooling, sharing materials)
Unity Android Performance Optimization in Domingos
50 tips, best practices
How to use profiler for optimizing (pro only)

more will be added later..

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