[AssetStore] CreateTexture

Yay! My first asset store script got accepted..:) Had to try it out so maybe later can put something more interesting there.

It’s a simple editor plugin for creating plain texture assets (png files).
Did it for my own use, because it seems you always need some blank texture file while testing shaders/materials/terrains etc..
(and its not fun to always go and open external editor just for creating empty texture)

*If you know how to make editor scripts, then dont buy that plugin..anyone can do the same easily.
(create texture2d, save it as an asset, add some power of 2 calculations if needed)

Whats new:
– v1.2: Basic gradients (vertical, horizontal), Code cleaning.

ToDo / Features requests / Ideas:
– Gradients (linear, radial, circular)
– Checker texture
– Noise texture
– Rounded rectangles (for UI)
– Tileable textures



Added some notes/requests about AssetStore submission to unity feedback site: (That submission tool really needs fixing..)

Images#2: Basic gradients added to v1.2


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