Unity 5 build: DirectToDrift not starting Oculus


Struggled few hours trying to run oculus exe, Oculus wouldnt turn on (no blue light) when DirectToDrift exe was run.
Using Unity5.0.1 (64bit), win7 and Oculus unitypackage.
– Disable “[ ] Show Unity splash screen” from Player settings / Splash Image *If its enabled Oculus just doesnt work
– Disconnect 2nd monitor
– Connect oculus to different port
– If you have 2 graphics cards, connect oculus to same card as the main monitor
– Check that Oculus display mode is [x] Direct HMD access from Apps
– Test if Tuscany demo works: https://share.oculus.com/app/oculus-tuscany-demo *At first it kept crashing with error “there is a problem with your rift configuration… nvwgf2um.dll”, Oculus was plugged to different graphics card, or different port.. Also killed all nvidia tasks from taskmanager
– Check from the “OculusUnityIntegrationGuide.pdf” for correct build settings

Other problems:
– Stuttering image when turning, going to test disabling hyperthreading: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/oculus-jitter-in-unity-5.307359/#post-2018453

– DK2 Troubleshoot list : http://cymaticbruce.com/DK2Troubleshoot2.html
– Tried installing this platform update for win7 (was mentioned as solution for some threads), but had it already installed : http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36805
– Some topics say that adding “-force-d3d11” to the exe helps, as in “..DemoScene_DirectToRift.exe -force-d3d11”, didnt try it yet

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  • Can confirm the solution to run _DirectToRift.exe on Windows via .bat file and -force-d3d11. Helped us with some of our builds.
    Seems to be situational that some of the builds didn’t launch in DX11 mode, although the project was set to DX11 in the player settings.

    We also had an issue with certain NVIDIA GeForce drivers. Solved that by falling back to an older version because the up-to-date drivers didn’t work with Oculus at all.

    At last, the registry entries your Unity builds create are also worth a look:
    It seems that you can force the selected monitor by setting the UnitySelectMonitor key, but I haven’t tried that yet, besides fiddeling with the resolution settings.

  • “Unity 5.1.0b3 Oculus builds do not work on laptop?”
    “Make a shortcut to the exe and add -vrmode Oculus as a runtime param”

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