Load AssetBundles with Caching

Small sample script to load assetbundles.

– It first loads bundle hash from the manifest file on server
– Then uses that hash string as asset bundle loader parameter (to use cached version if available, see docs)
– Instantiate gameobject after loading


*Note: there is some memory leak happening with this script (unity 5.5.3)

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  • Great post, great script, thanks!

    I have a question.
    Why do you use random url parameter in line 84?

    www = UnityWebRequest.GetAssetBundle(bundleURL + “?r=” + (Random.value * 9999999), hashString, 0);

    I would expect it would cause redownloading of the asset no matter if it is cached or not, maybe I am wrong.


    • yeah, it was added to avoid getting cached bundle information from server, but my understanding was that if the hashString is supplied, it wouldn’t load the whole bundle again (if its locally cached already).

      Never actually measured or checked if that’s true.. : D

  • I wrote a different approach, instead of using UnityWebRequest, I use WebClient to download
    encrypted assetbundles as in byte[], and decrypt them, all happens in a seperate thread. And built in caching system won’t work with this approach, so I wrote my own caching system, works just fine so far.

  • Hey mgear,

    Thanks a lot for this script, I’ve been struggling to understand how the caching system is working with asset bundles since a too much time, that helped a lot ! 🙂

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